What Is A Hedge Witch?

The 'Hedge' is a term for the border between our world and the next- the world of Others, of those passed on, of Universe and Divine. Hedge riders, or hedge-witches, are the people who stand with one foot on either side of that Hedge; one foot in the Light, the Day, the Warmth of the Sun, and the other standing in the Dark, the Night, the Cool of the Moon. They stand between Intuition and Action, between the Giving and the Receiving. Hedge Witches are part of this world, and the Other, bridging that gap and allowing all things to exist in Unity.

What is Hearth Craft?

The Hearth is one's home, one's own Space. It is where warmth comes from, where we would cook our food. It heats the space we do our living in, and Magic at the Hearth is particularly potent. 

After witchcraft was outlawed, practitioners were limited to using what they had on hand, at home, in the garden - those everyday things that might even be seen as "mundane". Even today, there are Kitchen Witches that primarily do their rites in their own home!

So, WHAT is Hedgewitch Hearthcraft?

Hedgewitch Hearthcraft is the workings of a person who walks in those Twilight hours. She opens her space, her heart, to those who need her, and works at her own Hearth to bring them the Readings, charms, and even spells they might need. She is the Advisor your spirit seeks, and translates the messages from the Other world into the human language so that Universe may guide you towards your own highest Good.